Perfect Presentations Begin With CJ's

You invest many thousands of dollars making your models look just perfect. Getting and keeping the models looking perfect doesn’t stop once the contractors and the decorators leave. It’s an on-going process. 

As a new home builder, you want to project an image that says you truly care about how your homes look. You want the public to know just by looking at your models that you care about the quality of work you expect from your contractors and service companies. You can count on CJ’s Model Home Maintenance to help you project this image. 

Many people think of cleaning models as simply “dusting and vacuuming”. Complete model maintenance is much more than this. When it comes to hiring a cleaning service, you need the best. 

Having cleaned model homes now for 29 years, CJ’s has the experience and expertise to provide you with quality cleaning and more importantly the know how to get all the “details and special problems” resolved. Say goodbye to the small services who aren’t capable of handling ALL your needs. Say goodbye to leaving messages and waiting for answers. We have a full-time office staff ready and able to answer all your questions and take care of your needs. We know that model maintenance issues happen at odd hours and on weekends too. This is why CJ’s has someone on call at all times. 365 Days a year 24/7! 

Who We Are

A full service model home maintenance company serving Northern California since 1990!

Our Services

When it comes to your model homes, we’ve got you covered!  We’ll complete the initial clean and then set your models up for regular maintenance which can include at your request window cleaning, pressure washing and carpet cleaning.


Our long list of clients and 27 years of business is a testimonial to CJ's ability to absolutely meet the detailed criteria and specific schedule of each customer.

“We’ve been working with CJ’s for almost 20 years now, and would certainly recommend them for your model home, staged home, and inventory home maintenance needs.  They are friendly, professional and responsive to even the most last minute or above-and-beyond requests.  Their customer service is exceptional, and the field crews do a great job with everything from deep cleaning, routine maintenance and touch up, as well as carpet and windows. Our on-site sales and field construction staff often comment on how much they appreciate their cleaning crew’s hard work and attention to detail, and what a pleasure it is to work with the CJ’s office personnel.”