Builder Services

We send only trained and insured workers to your site carrying the products and equipment needed for each job. Our long list of clients is a testimonial to CJ's ability to absolutely meet the detailed criteria and specific schedule of each customer.


Initial Cleaning

Initial cleaning after the decorators is a big job!  When your models open to the public, you want them to be absolutely perfect!  We will send in a large crew to clean after the decorators have completed their job and make your models perfect!!!!

Warranty Cleaning

CJ's will clean after repairs are made in an already purchased home.

Carpet Cleaning

CJ's provides all types of carpet cleaning for all types of carpets. By developing a preferred relationship with qualified vendors, CJ's has obtained price concessions upwards of 60% off usual and customary charges. This has been accomplished without compromising the quality of maintenance service. Our carpet cleaners are professionals and certified with IICRC. You never need to worry that your carpets won't be dry when your models open after cleaning. Our carpet cleaners are also qualified and prepared to respond to emergency needs, such as floods, food and beverage spills or stains and carpet repairs.


Over time, grout can become discolored and dirty looking since it’s usually not sealed in the models.  CJ’s offers grout cleaning services to keep your grout looking as good as new.

Pressure Washing

CJ's offers pressure washing services to keep your model exteriors/flat work clean and free of bugs, cobwebs and general debris. All our window cleaners are set-up with equipment and all pressure washing is coordinated with window cleaning schedules so that windows are cleaned right after pressure washing leaving your models sparkling clean.

Window Cleaning

CJ's professional window cleaners will keep all windows as bright and sparkling.   We never simply “hose off” the windows.  They are professionally cleaned by trained and experienced window cleaners the old fashion way…using a squeegee!  

Light Bulbs

CJ's will handle all your lighting needs. We know that your time is valuable. We can order and replenish your lighting needs at all times. And, YES, we do change light bulbs as part of our regular maintenance!